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How 5G negatively impacts the health of all oxygen breathing species including you and your family, and further action you can take if you choose.

The recent mass rollout of 5g (the ‘next generation’ of access to the internet) which Dr Joseph Mercola refers to as “The Single Biggest Health Experiment Ever” in chapter 2, and “...The Cigarettes of the 21st Century” in chapter 3 of his excellent book EMFd, has prompted serious health warnings of very problematic health concerns from high-level scientists. AND YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO OPT OUT of 5g coverage OR THE RADIATION THAT COMES WITH IT!!! :-(

Distressingly, the rollout (since 2019 and the beginning of - until now and beyond 2020) continues without proper health studies, in spite of over 100 scientists petitioning governments to halt the rollout until appropriate health studies have been conducted.

One of the MOST concerning effects of 5g (which is NOT the same as 3g and 4g as it is a millimetre wave (and so not a ‘next generation’ at all, as opposed to a NEW AND ‘UNTESTED*’ form of radiation) as it has different impacts on life forms that require oxygen to live. (*The Military HAVE however tested these mm waves as a form of unseen ‘crowd control’ as it creates a burning sensation in the skin when the mm-wave field is entered!)

The potentially fatal repercussion of 5g is that oxygen molecules absorb these mm waves which, to summarise, puts a ‘spin’ on the two oxygen molecules (O2) leading to a severely compromised ability of your body’s haemoglobin to pick up and carry oxygen around your body. A well-known fact is that an inability to oxygenate leads to respiratory failure.

In addition to Coldness, Paralysis, Hallucinations and Pain, other very concerning reported dangerous health effects of MMW (5g) exposure are:

  • Eye problems such as lens opacity in rats which is linked to the production of cataracts and eye damage in rabbits.
  • Impacted heart rate variability and indicator of stress invites and heart rate changes and frogs
  • Modified structure and function of cellular membranes
  • Suppressed immune function
  • Effects on bacteria including breast growth and increased antibiotic resistance

As you all know, Mary-Lou encourages you to do your research. An EXCELLENT starting place is a well-researched book with sound scientific referencing: EMF*D (5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones: Hidden Harms and How to Protect Yourself) Audiobook available) by DR. JOSEPH MERCOLA

What further action can you take if you choose?

If you wish to lend your voice, please visit this page: 5g support groups

Find your country, and/or see the following two petitions:

This cause is close to my heart - please sign: 5G - Suspend and review rollout of 5G infrastructure


Reverse the Dangerous Coronavirus Bill (HC Bill 122) (Rushed through Parliament last week)

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