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5G, RF, EMF, WiFi, Radiation Protection/Shielding Faraday Cage Vest

UK Made - Made By Hand - These vests are silky smooth and have a custom made fabric created with a double layer of 23% silver fibres and 77% Nylon threads designed to block/reduce by up-to 90% Radiation, EMF, WiFi and 5G. Other companies only have single layer shielding but we have two layers of protection. From our tests we have managed to block out 90% of 5G signal, 90% of WIFi signal and 100% of EMF's. They also reduce the amount of radiation by 90% too so its definitely worth while using these vests. They are available in all sizes. Please see the checkbox list on the order form to select your size.

If you put a 4G phone under the vest it will completely block the phone and 4G signal. The 5G will block 90% of the signal. This is more than enough to counter the masts outside your house. Coupled with a canopy you will have 100% protection of your organs. We will also be selling caps, hats for bed and eye patches. 

Simply place the phone inside the vest, wait 30 seconds and ring the phone, it will go straight to answering machine, or place the phone inside the vest for 30 seconds. When you take it out you will notice the signal has gone, you need to be fast doing this as the signal comes back very quickly. 

The material for these vests are not cheap and we have tried to keep the price down.

Silver fibre, Copper Fibre & Polyester fabric


1.Radiation protection

If the fabric discolours when you wear it, it means your body is very acidic and you need to go on an alkalising diet. It won't harm the fabric or stop from shielding.

Available in various sizes and prices

Washing and maintenance method:

1, wash with neutral detergent, and the water temperature should not exceed 50 degrees;

2, wash gently; when using a wash machine, please adopt gentle washing procedure and keep unidirectional washing;

3, no spin-dry, no wringing, dry it by airing;

4, non-bleaching;

5, don't expose it to the sun;

6, ironing temperature can not be higher than 110 degrees;

7, dry cleaning.

Special tips: Please leave it in a dry place when not in use. Use only Natural Washing Powder such as Bio D, No Bleach

XXL & XXXL Vests are Single layered but with a higher Silver content so shielding is the same.

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