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How Mary-Lou Can Best Support You

Here is the initial process and information about how Mary-Lou can best support you:


Her fee is £150 for the initial consultation and includes all the pre-consultation work as well as the follow-up report with your personalised programme after the session (includes Lifestyle and Stress Support Techniques where appropriate), as well as Supplements and Food Diary recommendations with some of her Therapeutic Cooking Recipes that are relevant to YOUR particular health profile.

Please allow around 90-120 minutes to spend on the initial call.

Complete a Nutri-Q Questionnaire

You will be asked to complete an online questionnaire and do some free Home Tests so that Mary-Lou can assess your underlying body system imbalances.

In order to activate the questionnaire, the following details will be required from you:

  1. Your Name and Surname
  2. Your date of birth
  3. Your Email address
  4. Your Country of residence
  5. Your Postcode

Once you have completed the questionnaire the reports will be downloaded and assessed by Mary-Lou. She will email them to you before your online video consultation, where she will discuss them with you, with a view to taking the first steps of getting you on the road to recovery.

You are welcome to click HERE to self-register for the questionnaires. You will receive five (5) questionnaires to complete in your own time. The questionnaires auto-save, allowing you to pace yourself and even complete them over a few days before your consultation (which Mary-Lou needs at least 48 hours in advance please, to factor in the time to assess and download your reports)

Submit any blood tests

If you have any recent blood tests or other tests, please send copies to Mary-Lou, so she can further support your consultation. You can photograph and What's app them to her or email them.

Support Plan Options

After the initial consultation, there are various Support Plan Options that you can subscribe to, in terms of your required level of 'Between-Consultation' support needs. These will be sent to you after the initial consultation, with your Personalised Health Improvement Plan, and several supportive handouts with practical tools.

Payment Options

Her consultation fee of £150 can be paid into her Santander account (or via PayPal at an additional 5.8% fee) when you are ready to book the consultation. Please give her a date so she can check it and block it off for you in her diary.

When is she available?

Mary-Lou consults UK time Wednesdays and Fridays from 1 pm till 8 pm, and Saturdays from 1 pm till 4 pm as a start time.

As soon as we get your information we will activate the questionnaire to go to your inbox and send you instructions on how to access it.

Mary-Lou's Portfolio

Read more about Mary-Lou's portfolio here, and about her qualifications here.


Read many great testimonials from happy clients 🤗

If you would like, please book a free 20-minute information chat to see if you and Mary-Lou are a good 'fit'.

We look forward to supporting you further.

Things to do Before the Consultation

  • Please text or WhatsApp Mary-Lou to arrange a convenient appointment date and time. Mobile: 07747 888353   
  • Please allow at least 90 - 120 minutes for the initial consultation.
Click here to download the Typical Food Diary
Click here to do some essential Home Tests